Day 4: Dawn of the Dead (remake)

Had to take the day off yesterday. We’ve got a lovely stomach bug floating around our home.

Day four: Dawn of the Dead (remake)
While I am generally okay with remakes so long as they are done right, most are not. Dawn of the Dead, however, was a fantastic piece of work by Zack Snyder. Starring Ving Rhames, Sarah Polley, and Ty Burrell before he took off in Modern Family.
In this film, we are once again treated to the mall location made famous by the original Dawn of the Dead. This time, however, we are introduced to fast zombies. These creatures can run, climb, and forcefully tear into your soft, supple flesh. The effects are superb, masterfully created by the great Tom Savini. This helped reignite the zombie craze that led us to The Walking Dead and the glut of zombies films that we endured post Dawn of the Dead remake.
I think my favorite scene may be the rooftop scene where they are picking off zombies that look like celebrities. That little bit of humor in a world as bleak as this one was a breath of fresh air.
Zombie fans should check this one out. You could (and probably have) done a lot worse than this well-received film!

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