Day 5: Trick ‘r Treat

And we’re back on track!

Day 5: Trick ‘r Treat
There’s so much that can be said about Mike Doughtery’s masterpiece Trick ‘r Treat. Mainly, for me, where’s our sequel! Stop teasing us, man!
Okay, moving ahead. This anthology film hits on a lot of eerie notes, leaving you with a creepy feeling throughout. My favorite section in this one deals with the kids on the bus. In a world where kids can come back from the dead and kills mean kids, but spare the one girl that follows Halloween tradition is okay in my books.
We are treated to a creepy Dylan Baker, a hysterical douchey Brian Cox, an I-want-to-be-sexy-but-can’t Anna Paquin (sorry, she’s not attractive at all), and a woe-be-her Leslie Bibb. And who can leave out the adorable Sam? He’s been one of the best looking villains created in a long time, though I do prefer him with his mask on.
I watch this a few times a year as it is great background filler. Go check this masterpiece out.

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