31 Days of Horror: Days 7-9

A weekend of sickness (was really a bitch week for my immune system), so there are now three days to do.
Day 7: The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Day 8: The Conjuring 2
Day 9: The Ring
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
This one caught me off guard and stuck with me. Starring Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch, with a special appearance by Roose Bolton (who I think has the facial shape for Freddy Krueger, just sayin’), as a father and son duo that work as coroner and assistant, they get a Jane Doe delivered late one evening. What ensues was a masterclass in suspense. I found it to be supremely eerie with an atmosphere of uncertainty. As the autopsy unfolds, things begin to spiral out of control. Reality bends, breaks, bends a bit more, and then reasserts itself. It left me guessing the whole way through, and it also left me with that feeling of someone watching me.
The Conjuring 2
James Wan has my support when it comes to horror. I’ve loved each of his directorial efforts in horror (including the much maligned Dead Silence). The Conjuring series has proven that big budget, Hollywood horror can work. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as real life paranormal research couple Ed and Lorraine Harris. Now, let it be known, that I am not a fan of the Warrens. Never a duo to shy away from saying things were definitely haunted, I prefer a more cautious take on announcing some as haunted, not to mention announcing demonic activity. That out of the way, I absolutely love the Conjuring films. The second one took us across the pond into England and I think it is superior to its predecessor on all fronts, and that little Amityville section at the beginning? That beats all the Amityville movies released to date.
This film focuses on the Enfield Haunting. There is a boatload of information available on the haunting, so do feel free to do a quick Google to satiate your thirst for knowledge after finishing up here. In much of the same setup, there’s a haunted family. It focuses on the female. Ed and Lorraine are sent to save the day, and actually leave because they believe it to be a hoax. Watch the film to see how it spends the last twenty minutes of run time. The score is wonderfully created by Joseph Bishara (who also likes to get under the makeup and play some of Wan’s most devious devils) and it will tug emotion out of you. Ignore the critics that say Hollywood horror can’t be good and go watch it.
The Ring
One of my favorite horror films. easily in my Top 10. Japan loves their long-haired, girl ghosts. Here, we are treated to the American remake directed by Gore Verbinski, who would go on to direct Pirates of the Caribbean. Naomi Watts stars as Rachel, a woman investigating the death of her niece, when she stumbles across the infamous tape.
Seven days.
An creepy phone call from Samara, a deadly hunt for answers, a surprise appearance by Brian Cox, and that creepy ghost girl played by Daveigh Chase. She voiced Lilo in Lilo and Stitch. So yeah, let that into the back of your mind the next time your kids pull out Lilo and Stitch. Creepy ghost girl is just right there, waiting to call you. I hope your phone rings just after the film. Bet you have a moments hesitation on answering it.
This film really got into my head. I slept with the light on for a bout a week. One scene terrified me, literally stuck in my head and would not let me go, until one night, in a fit of hysteria from waking up scared, I screamed into my pillow. The spell broke after that, and I eventually returned to normal…normal for me.
Watch for the scares. Watch for a well filmed horror movie. Watch it because you want to, but don’t answer the phone after. Seven days and all that.

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