Day 10: Zombeavers

Back on track! Yeah, baby!


Day 10: Zombeavers
Yes, it is as silly as the title; a B-Movie to be sure. But, damn, I love this movie. Yes, it is a movie about zombie beavers. Yes, it’s campy. Yes, it makes no sense, but if you can put all that aside, you might just enjoy the movie. It doesn’t strive for perfection, unless you aim for B-Movie perfection and this kills that, and it has a lot of fun on the way.
No big named stars in this one, though you might recognize one of the boyfriend’s if you watched It Follows (which will have its own day later in the month). We have three girls going on vacation to get away from one jerk boyfriend that cheated, off to a cabin of a cousin or something, doesn’t matter. Not important. Guys crash the getaway. “I feel like a Power Ranger.” (You’ll understand when you watch.) Then the zombeavers show up. Hilarity ensues.
If you just want to kick back with something fun, you could do worse!
Oh, and the song at the end credits is pure gold.

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